Messi's salary can be paid with the sale of the jersey: Danny Mills

Messi's salary can be paid with the sale of the jersey: Danny Mills

After leaving Barcelona, ​​there is speculation about the possible destination of Lionel Messi. Pep Guardiola's side are leading the race between the top three clubs in the three leagues, Inter Milan, Manchester City and PSG.

But Manchester City may have to spend 220 million euros to get one of the best footballers in the world. This huge amount of money deficit is difficult, but not impossible. There are easy roads. Former City English defender Danny Mills has shown the way.

"I don't think money is going to be a big issue," Mills said of the way the money has been bought from Messi. I saw that in 2016, 20 million of his jerseys were sold.

If even £40 could be earned from a jersey, it would be £1.5 million a week. In this way his remuneration can be paid. If he had to pay 200 million a year, he could be paid for the sale of the jersey. On the contrary, sales may be higher than before.

It is true that Messi's change of team means that the demand for jerseys will skyrocket. Such things happened even after Neymar left Barcelona for PSG. However, in the case of Messi, it will increase many times.

It is rumored that Messi has had several phone conversations with guru Pep Guardiola about resigning from Barcelona and moving to City. His father is also in England now to talk about the change of party. We will have to wait a few more days to know where Messi will end up.