Mia Khalifa Has Hilarious Reaction To Her 'death'

Mia Khalifa Has Hilarious Reaction To Her 'death'

Former famous porn star Mia Khalifa has committed suicide. As soon as this news spread, the net world became turbulent. Numerous people were surprised and speechless at this news. This news went viral in an instant. Numerous netizens continue to post various messages seeking peace for Mia. But no further details of this news were available. So many netizens were frowning as well. The question was not a rumor? Finally, Mia himself answered this question! It is learned that this news is just a rumor.

The popular name in the porn world was. But everything is now past. Mia Khalifa has left the world of porn to pursue another career. He is also getting ready to get married recently. For now, she is quite happy with her boyfriend.

But suddenly the news of his suicide spread. News spread on Twitter. News of the Lebanese-American star’s ‘suicide’ spread around. But in reality, it is completely fake. While chatting with the fans on the micro-blogging site, Mia saw the tweet, writing, ‘Shocking! Mia Khalifa has committed suicide. RIP #miakhalifa ‘!

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Mia then retweeted. He jokingly wrote, ‘The IDs of the friends who are sending condolences to my death are being tracked. Please refrain.

Mia came to the ticket recently. There he showed how many miracles can be done with the nose, its various types. He said, ‘I have been thinking like this for 15 years. Finally, I was able to.

Former pornstar Mia Khalifa was forced to postpone her marriage due to corona. She was due to marry boyfriend Robert Sandberg in June this year. But due to the global epidemic, Mia has postponed her marriage indefinitely. The former pornstar broke the news of her marriage on social media.

Mia was proposed by Swedish chef Robert Sandberg in March last year. After a year of the frozen love affair, they were supposed to get married in June this year. But Mia-Robert’s marriage was delayed due to Corona.