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Microsoft is closing all stores around the world

Microsoft is closing all stores around the world

Microsoft is shutting all stores globally indefinitely. The business made this statement last Friday. As with other businesses, the business temporarily closed all of its stores in late March on account of the coronavirus outbreak. Based on this company, the choice was taken to lessen the expense of the shop by roughly 45 million US dollars. To put it differently, they’re shutting more than 80 stores in various nations of the world. And the entire support of the clients is now given online.

Microsoft said that even if all stores are closed, the company will keep four stores open for the exchange of experiences. These stores will be in London, New York, Sydney, and Redmond. But they will also be rearranged.

Due to the corona infection, various companies have radically changed their business tactics. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. However, software giant Microsoft has assured that no employee will lose his job even if the store is closed. They said that every employee working in all these stores will be given an alternative job opportunity.

Microsoft said it would charge a pre-tax charge of 5 cents per share ($450 million) to close the store. The charges are expected to be reflected in the financial results for the current quarter ending June 30, they said.

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