Mike Tyson heaps praise on Julio Cesar Chavez: He is the best Mexican boxer in history

Both Mexico and the United States are known for having had some of the best boxers in history. Proof of this are Mike Tyson and Julio Csar Chvez, who in the 80s and 90s were worldwide stars of the sport.

Recently, “Iron Mike” gave an interview to Fox Sports Mexico, in which he took the time to remember when Chavez gathered 120,000 people in the Azteca Stadium in 1993 to face Greg Haugen.

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“You know, many people forget who you are, that you used to be the boss and I don’t think many could break the record of getting 120,000 people in a stadium, imagine having those incredible numbers, now listen, whatever Mexican you are, no one has done it,” Tyson told Fox Sports Mexico.

The praise for his fellow Mexican continued.

“You have to stand up, nobody, no Mexican ever did it, so you can’t say he’s not the leader, the best, you can’t deny that he’s one, not only of the best Mexican boxers, but in the whole world. Do you know how many title defenses he made, how could you forget that? How could you forget that? You can’t forget something like that.”

Julio Csar Chvez: professional record

The “Cesar of Boxing” made his professional debut in 1980 and retired for good in 2005. His record is 107 wins (87 knockouts), six losses and two draws in 115 fights over a quarter of a century in the ring.

He is a former WBC world super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight champion, as well as WBA lightweight and IBF super lightweight champion.

Mike Tyson: Professional record

The Baddest Man on the Planet” began his career in 1985 and finished it in 2005. He retired with 50 wins (44 knockouts) and only six losses. He was WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight champion of the world.

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