Milner will be in Liverpool until 2022

Milner will be in Liverpool until 2022

James Milner has signed a new deal with Liverpool. Under the new deal, the star will be seen on the field in Liverpool’s jersey until 2022. It is worth mentioning that Liverpool had Milner in the squad in 2015. Since then, the English midfielder has become the owner of the club’s number 7 jersey.

It has been reported that Milner has taken the field in five matches as one of the team’s best performers so far. He played in five finals for Liverpool.Liverpool aficionados after signing a new deal. In an interview with Com, Milner said: ‘I am proud to be on the field for this club. I feel blessed to be a part of the club. ”

James Milner said: ‘I enjoy coming to the training every day. I am grateful to my teammates, coaches, and all supporters. ‘He added, ‘Now my responsibility has increased even more with the club trusting me. I will try my best to make the club a success.


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