Miroslav Klose is Bayern's assistant coach next season

Miroslav Klose is Bayern's assistant coach next season

On 11 May 2018, Miroslav Klose became the trainer of Bayern Munich’s youth group. He took responsibility for the German Under-16 group for a couple of decades. He’s fulfilled the duty quite well.

The prior Germany celebrity striker will stay at Bayern even after his contract expires. He even signed a new agreement without renewing the older one. He’s been encouraged due to his great performance in the youth group. Klose, the best scorer at the history of this World Cup, will take responsibility for the senior group of the Bavarian club next year. But maybe not as head trainer. As an assistant trainer.

He’ll work together with the footballers of the chief team until June 2021. Head trainer Hans-Dieter Flick is going to be the assistant for a season. Police at the giant team confirmed the information in an overview.

Flick has been Germany’s assistant coach in 2014 when Klose won the Brazil World Cup for its Nation. That is when a fantastic relationship developed between them both. The chemistry of this guru-disciple of the federal team will probably be useful in club soccer at this moment. He also scored 71 goals in 137 games to the nation.


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