Misinformation about COVID-19 videos on youtube

Misinformation about COVID-19 videos on youtube

Rumors and what is true – it is very difficult for people to diagnose.

Even during the fight against the coronavirus, misinformation and propaganda are being spread all over the world World leaders say humanity is now fighting a formidable unseen force, but another battle has not stopped.

“People are weak when there is an epidemic. People want to accept what seems to be the cure. One of the terrible things is that people want to move away from scientific methods to prevent disease.”

A quarter of the popular videos made on YouTube about Corona contain misinformation or misdirection. Even more frightening is the fact that these videos have been viewed 62 million times so far. There is also misinformation or rumor that drug companies have coronavirus vaccines but are not selling them.

YouTube says it is working to remove this misinformation or rumor.

It is also being suggested from YouTube that videos with good quality and accurate information are being uploaded by the government and health experts. But it turns out the videos are obscure and YouTube stars and bloggers aren’t making it so popular. As a result, the official videos score well but are not getting many views.

The World Health Organization (WHO), however, predicted such a devastating fight at the individual and state levels. In the first week of February, the company’s director-general warned of a “pandemic” as well as “infodemic”, meaning a deadly outbreak of information. “Fake news spreads faster and easier than viruses,” he said It can be more dangerous than a virus.

Recently, there have been numerous posts on Facebook where it is written: It is possible to prevent coronavirus infection by eating garlic.

The South China Morning Post reported that a woman had died after consuming 1.5 kg of raw garlic to protect herself from the coronavirus.