Moneo dreams of Irish legend

The Uruguayan enjoys her consecration victory in the recent FAB Date, which allowed her to be the mandatory rival of the WBA lightweight champion. The one who holds the crown is nothing more and nothing less than one of the best boxers of all time, who has a career full of achievements. At Boxeo de Primera we invite you to learn about the life of Katie Taylor, the new dam of “La Panterita”.

Last Friday, the Casino Buenos Aires once again witnessed a top-level event in Argentine boxing. On an action-packed FAB Date , one of the big surprises of the night was by Maira Moneo , who overcame the historic Érica Farías to become a mandatory rival for the World Boxing Association (WBA) lightweight title . The future commitment of the Uruguayan could be one more for the noble South American art, but the monarch of the Panamanian entity turns this challenge into a contest that will have fans from all over the world waiting for what happens. Is aboutKatie Taylor, one of the greatest boxers of all time and the current all-time champion of the division .

Taylor (22-0, 6 KOs) enjoys, at 36, one of the best moments of her career, thanks to a historic victory over Amanda Serrano , in April 2022, which positioned her as one of the best female exponents in the history of the discipline . Despite her magnificent present, the Irish woman has a scroll, inside and outside boxing, admired and respected by any lover of the sport.

Since she was little, the Irish woman grew up knowing boxing, thanks to the experience of her father, Pete Taylor, who was an English light-heavyweight boxer from the 1980s , who reached his peak when he was Irish champion. After a childhood linked to sports in Brey, “KT”, together with her two brothers, she began to practice the discipline of the noble art, under the orders of her father, who would later accompany him for much of the career of her

Her talent was quickly noted, at a time when women’s boxing was still far from being what we know today, but it was beginning to sound strong, largely due to the bloody fights of Christy Martin, who positioned herself as one of the main exponents. In 2001, during her time at university, she was the protagonist of the first women’s match held in Ireland. The duel was at the National Stadium in Dublin, defeating her compatriot Alanna Audley.

Although many do not believe it, the noble art was very close to losing one of its greatest figures, while soccer, quite possibly, would have gained a huge player. While the one born in Brey took her first steps with the gloves, the Irish women’s soccer team set its eyes on a 14-year-old Taylor to represent her country in the under 17 team.

For a long time, she had no problem carrying out two careers in parallel, in fact she did it in a great way, since at the age of 15 she was promoted to the under 19 team, where she had her consecration day in 2004, scoring four goals in a match for the UEFA Championship, against Macedonia. Two years later, in 2006, she was elevated to the main team , performing until 2009, with 11 games and two goals.

Meanwhile, in boxing, the successes would also be noted from 2005, beginning a path of triumphs and championships, which continues to this day. In that year, he obtained his first title, the European Championship, which he would later repeat in its next five editions. In addition, in 2006, at the age of 20, he placed himself on the top of the World Championship podium, repeating the result in the four subsequent editions.

With the passing of the contests, Katie’s level began to surprise an entire continent, which had never seen such absolute dominance as the one that the Irish woman implanted in each of the competitions she competed in. Even so, the decision to lean solely towards one of the two sports was not present. Despite her talent in the noble art, she needed extra motivation to put aside the ball and the booties, motivation that came to her in 2009: the inclusion of women’s boxing in the Olympic Games.

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