Corona guest communicates the number of deaths thus far listed in Belarus. 2919 people are infected with COVID-19. But the Belarus soccer league game failed to stop. Not only more than a million spectators attended the scene to see the Dynamo Brest vs. FC Minsk match on Sunday!

All sorts of sports hang out now in the entire world. In most nations, people live in captivity to prevent disease. Nevertheless, the entire opposite image is currently in Belarus. This really isn’t the only nation in Europe to shut the league match. The Football Federation of Belarus has made it crystal clear they don’t have any plans to halt the league match.

On the other hand, the scene is going to be kept vacant to stop the transmission of this deadly virus. The actual image is simply the opposite. But people who went didn’t follow any rules. Sitting beside keeping physical space. The Dynamo hugs each other together with the pleasure of winning 3-1.