MS Dhoni is going to start his online coaching career

MS Dhoni is going to start his online coaching career

It was discovered that this time that the Indian cricketer is going to be understood at the role of coach. Dhoni will begin his online training career as area cricket was closed down on account of this coronavirus outbreak. According to Indian press reports, Dhoni will begin his very own cricket academy. The cricketer will operate together with Aarka Sports Pvt. Ltd. Former South African cricketer Daryll Cullinan was appointed as the manager of the academy. Dhoni himself is in control of this strategy.

Dhoni last caught the bat at 22 yards in that World Cup last year. Since then, he has voluntarily wrapped himself up. Sometimes he went to the border for army training, sometimes he traveled abroad with his family. As the distance with Team India grows, so does the fog over his cricketing future.

He was supposed to wear the Chennai jersey in the IPL in March, ending the wait of countless fans. But that didn’t happen because of the Corona epidemic. As a result, MS is occasionally seen on social media. But after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the world-winning captain seems to have wrapped himself up even more. But this time he is returning to cricket.

He opened his own cricket academy in Dubai in 2016. But could not give special time there for busyness. So the academy finally closed last year. But this time the former India captain wants to use the time of lockdown. And so he is ready to coach online in full force.

Former South African cricketer Daryll Cullinan has been appointed as the director of the academy. Dhoni himself will be in charge of this plan.

There will be training for professional young cricketers starting from 6 to 8-year-olds who have just started practicing cricket. The former Indian captain is going to be involved in this project from July 2.

According to Aarka Sports, “We have trained more than 200 coaches. This time I will start coaching the cricketers from next 2nd July. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the head of the project along with the coaching panel. They will first inform and teach the young cricketers about what they do on the field. ”