Manny Pacquiao is considered one of the best boxers in history and possibly the greatest Asian boxer of all time , which is why facing Naoya Inoue could be a crazy option, but not difficult to achieve, because being the new image of said continent, it is evident that many want to see who is the greatest. Faced with this situation, Freddie Roach commented if said fight has a great chance of becoming a reality.

After consecrating himself as the undisputed bantamweight champion and now having won two 122-pound belts by knocking out Stephen Fulton, Naoya Inoue is heading to continue making history in the sport, because if the fight with Marlon Tapales and beats him, he would become the first Asian to fully enshrine himself in two different divisions.

This would undoubtedly fall on Manny Pacquiao ‘s ego, since the Filipino never managed to conquer all the belts in any division, but he was champion in 8 different categories, which puts him above any other fighter, even the Japanese ‘Monster’ .

It was during an interview that FightHype conducted where Freddie Roach , Manny Pacquiao ‘s trainer , revealed that he would like to see the “Mexican Eater” face the sensation of the moment, Naoya Inoue , because he believes that “Pacman” can still give him a battle despite having retired and being 44 years old.

However, if Inoue agreed to carry out this historic confrontation, it is clear that both would not fight in the super bantamweights, since Pacquiao has not gone down to this division since 2003, so the Japanese would have to at least go up to the 135 or even 140 pounds to be measured on equal terms.

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