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NBA MVP trophy will be named Michael Jordan

The six freshly created trophies were introduced by the NBA and will be presented at the conclusion of the current campaign. The renaming of the MVP trophy to Michael Jordan is the most thrilling development. According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, “Our new collection of trophies commemorates some of the best and most influential players in NBA history.” “We salute the icons who symbolize these esteemed accolades as we recognize the finest players in the league each season.”

Michael Jordan, a legendary NBA player, will be honored with the NBA Kia MVP Award. Five times, His Majesty of him received the MVP award. The Hall of Famer also won 10 scoring titles, an NBA Defensive Player of the Year Rookie of the Year Award, six NBA Championships, six NBA Finals MVP Awards, 11 All-NBA Teams, 14 NBA All-Star selections, three NBA Finals Game MVP Awards, NBA stars, and selections for the NBA 50th and 75th Anniversary Teams.

The great fight to be the best player of all time is with LeBron James ; he has defenders and detractors but no one doubts that he is deservedly in one of those two steps.

Awards were also renamed recognizing the careers of great NBA legends:

  • MVP: The Michael Jordan Trophy
  • DPOY (Defender of the Year): The Hakeem Olajuwon trophy
  • ROY (Rookie of the Year): The Wilt Chamberlain trophy
  • Sixth Man of the Year: The John Havlicek Trophy
  • Most Improved Player: The George Mikan Trophy
  • Clutch Player of the Year: The Jerry West Trophy

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