NBL Blitz 2021 Full Schedule: TV Channel, Covid-19 Safe and Rules

NBL Blitz 2021 Full Schedule: TV Channel, Covid-19 Safe and Rules

The 2021–22 NBL season will be the 44th season of the National Basketball League. The 2021–22 NBL Blitz season on November 18, 2021. This year it will take place across Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales starring all 10 NBL teams.

A total of 22 preseason games will take place as part of the NBL Blitz across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales featuring all 10 NBL teams. All games will be streamed live on Kayo, with fans able to watch free thanks to all games being part of the Kayo Freebies offering.

NBL Blitz 2021 Live Stream

Watch Every Game of the 21/22 NBL Season Live & On-Demand with ESPN on Kayo. This whole series will be streamed live by Sky Sports Network and Sky Sports Go. Sky Sports is one of the most prominent live-streaming sites in the UK

With more international talent than ever before, fans outside of Australia will be able to watch every NBL Blitz game live on the NBL's YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the channel to receive notifications on when games are live.

NBL Blitz 2021 Full Schedule

New Zealand vs Sydney18 Thursday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Brisbane vs Perth19 Friday, November7.30 PM AEDT
New Zealand vs S.E. Melbourne20 Saturday, November5.30 PM AEDT
Melbourne vs Illawarra20 Saturday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Perth vs Cairns21 Sunday, November1.00 PM AEDT
Adelaide vs Tasmania21 Sunday, November3.00 PM AEDT
Cairns vs Brisbane24 Wednesday, November5.30 PM AEDT
Perth vs Tasmania24 Wednesday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Illawarra vs New Zealand25 Thursday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Tasmania vs Cairns26 Friday, November5.30 PM AEDT
Adelaide vs Perth26 Friday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Illawarra vs Sydney27 Saturday, November7.30 PM AEDT
Brisbane vs Adelaide28 Sunday, November1.00 PM AEDT
S.E. Melbourne vs Melbourne28 Sunday, November3.00 PM AEDT

NBL Blitz 2021 Game Rules

If teams have the same number of points at the end of the tournament, then the team with the most number of wins would be declared the winner. If multiple teams have the same number of wins then the best +/- winning percentage record (total points FOR / AGAINST) would be declared the winner.

Finally if teams have the same +/- winning percentage record then the team with the most points FOR will be declared the winner. The NBL Blitz Trophy will be presented to the winning team at the conclusion of the Tournament.

NBL Blitz 2021 Covid-19 Safe

The NBL alongside MyStateBank Arena, Ulverstone Sports & leisure Centre and Elphin Sports Centre, are committed to delivering COVIDSafe game days.

During The Event

Enter via entrance on ticket
Wash and sanitise hands regularly
Check in using QR codes
Food & beverages must be consumed while seated

Leaving The Venue

Allow rows closest to aisle exists to depart first
Follow the direction of venue staff
If you develop any flu symptoms after the game, please get tested for COVID-19.