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New York City and Berlin marathon canceled due to COVID-19

New York City and Berlin marathon canceled due to COVID-19

The New York City and Berlin Marathons have been canceled due to the global pandemic coronavirus.

The New York City Marathon was scheduled for November 1 this year. Which would have been the 50th event of the event? The New York City Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world. In 2019, 53,640 people finished in this event.

Meanwhile, the Berlin Marathon was scheduled for September 27. However, it was canceled because this time there is no guarantee of joy, celebration, the success of the participants.

Of those six World Marathon major raceshave been spared this year as a result of herpes virus with all the Boston Marathon and also Berlin Marathon additionally preferring to shelve plans to their own 20 20 races.

Even the Boston Marathon, originally expected to be held in April after which postponed until September, had been canceled this season for its first time in its own 124-year historical past.

Even the Tokyo Marathon went on March 1 with runners just, London had been postponed to October 4 on April 26 and the Chicago Marathon is now scheduled for October 11.

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