NFL Game Pass 10 Year Agreement with DAZN

It’s time to change ownership of the NFL Game Pass International. The league and DAZN announced a 10-year agreement on Tuesday to broadcast the service that enables fans to watch games anywhere in the world. Game Pass’s distribution will be taken over by DAZN beginning in the 2023 season. According to the press release, Game Pass will be offered via the DAZN app, either alone or as part of a package that also includes the rest of the DAZN selection.

The NFL and DAZN will collaborate to make Game Pass International available through third-party providers, according to this news release. As a result, the change might not necessarily be noticeable to the French population and the specific Game Pass application might continue to be available. In Canada, DAZN has been offering Game Pass since 2017. Additionally, it has been broadcasting for a while in Japan (2016), Germany (2016), and Italy (2018).

Exciting 10-year strategic partnership officially starts as NFL Game Pass International goes live on DAZN today.

Available as standalone package or add-on to an existing DAZN subscription with prices frozen until at least season start. No price rise in 2023 for existing subscribers.

More accessible than ever, NFL fans in over 250 territories can now watch every game on NFL Game Pass on DAZN.

Enhanced viewing experience supported by new and improved fan-friendly and community building features.

DAZN Group

Leading sports streaming provider Dazn Group is available in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Its extensive library of programming features top-tier football from the most watched leagues in the world, including the Bundesliga, English Premier League, J.League, LaLiga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League, as well as the biggest international sports, including Formula 1, the NFL, NBA, MotoGP, and the UFC. The only location outside of North America where NFL fans can watch every game is on DAZN.

With one account, one wallet, and one app, Dazn is creating the ideal sports entertainment company where fans from all over the world can watch, read, wager, play, share, interact socially, and purchase tickets and goods all in one location.

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