North Korea decides not to participate in Tokyo Olympics, citing Corona epidemic

North Korea decides not to participate in Tokyo Olympics, citing Corona epidemic

The Tokyo Olympics have already been delayed by the coronavirus epidemic. It was brought from last year in July this year. This year's Summer Olympics will start on July 23.

Earlier, the host country gave a big push to Japan, their politically hostile country North Korea. North Korea has decided not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, citing the escalation of the Corona epidemic.

The organizers were probably afraid of this. Will the participating countries have confidence in Japan? At least the country under Kim Jong-un's rule is not getting a dictatorship. However, Japan has banned the arrival of international spectators at the Tokyo Olympics.

The country has taken almost all measures to ensure the health of the athletes. But corona infections are on the rise in Japan, and vaccination is slow.

A website controlled by the country's sports ministry has confirmed that North Korea will not take part in the Tokyo Olympics. The decision was taken at a meeting held on March 25 by the North Korean National Olympic Committee.

South Korean diplomats may be upset after the country's sports ministry confirmed the news today. The relationship between the two Koreas is not today's. Diplomats would resume peace talks that had stalled when the two countries took part in the Tokyo Olympics.

However, host country Japan has not yet confirmed North Korea's withdrawal. The Olympic Committee of Japan said North Korea had not yet commented on the matter. Japan's Prime Minister Katsunobu Kato has said his government hopes all countries will take part in the Olympics. Because, they will do everything possible to prevent the infection.

One example of the unification of the two Koreas was seen in the 2018 Pyongyang Winter Olympics. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent his sister to head the country's sports team at the winter event hosted by South Korea.