Not a ‘better team’ without Kane? Or ‘delighted’ he’s gone?

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As Tottenham look to have moved into life without Harry Kane easily, we asked you to have your say on whether you are missing the striker or if things are better without him?

Here are a selection of your comments:

James: No one can say we are a better team without Kane because he’s one of the best and I believe with him we could have been genuine title contenders based on what we’ve seen so far. However as suggested, there won’t be such a reliance on one man and the goals will be spread out, which as long as the goals are there, I don’t care who the scorer is.

Tristen: Of course we are missing Harry. He is the best nine and 10 on the planet. We would be winning the league this season with Ange-ball and captain Kane up top.

Jonathon: It sounds odd but I’m delighted he’s gone. For him to fulfil his aspirations, the club to make a huge profit, more so however, to give the squad the impetus to step forward and show their quality out of his shadow. So far so good for all concerned.

Pete: Not missing Kane at all, Spurs scored when he was out injured and his orchestration of his own transfer showed where his loyalties ran long before this season started. There’s now 10 forwards facing the opposition rather than one. Spurs will thrive under Ange, and will entertain along the way.

Bob: I’d have Harry Kane back in a heartbeat, but Spurs can do very well without him. The key is front foot attacking style. Spurs would miss him a lot playing the Conte way, happily, Ange knows better.

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