Novak Djokovic has launched the Adria Tour on his own initiative

Novak Djokovic has launched the Adria Tour on his own initiative

Legend Novak Djokovic has announced his return to international tennis. He has organized Adria tours in the Balkan countries of Europe on his own initiative.

It Will starts on 13th June. He made this announcement on his verified Instagram.

Meanwhile, Dominic Thiem, Gregor Dimitrov, and Victor Tricky have already agreed to take part in the tour in response to his call.

World tennis is in a standstill. Also hanging in the balance is the next Grand Slam French Open of this year. Along with also, the ATP World Tours are canceled. The tour will be coordinated with all the sponsoring organizations Adria. That is held in the Balkan states of Europe. Four more titles will be written within this tour. The game will begin on June 13 at Belgrade. The next stage will begin from June 20 to Zadar, Croatia.

“I’m really proud to announce the Adria Tour will be held,” said Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. It’ll Be at the Balkan deltas of all Europe. We plan to sponsor games in four towns from June 13 to July 5. If we could do it, we’ll be thankful to everybody. Since the money we get from here we’ll spend on humankind.

Meanwhile, the police still haven’t reached a decision on whether to maintain the French Open this year or not. If the event doesn’t begin at the end of the week, it can also visit the cancellation enroll. But breaking the rules, the French Trainers Association needs to Begin the French Open later in the year following the US Open.

However there are issues here also. Rola Garo has come to be virtually useless because of the indecision of these governments. In anticipation of this Grand Slam in the area, public access was tightened into the French tennis shrine. Because of this, this summertime has come to be a nightmare for tennis lovers.