Only Euros in Cristiano Ronaldo's mind

Only Euros in Cristiano Ronaldo's mind

Rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo's future have been circulating for some time. Whether he will stay at the Italian club next season is still unknown. However, the Portuguese star said that he is not thinking about this now. All his attention only revolves around the European Championships.

The 36-year-old forward could leave the club this summer. Ronaldo told a news conference on Monday, the day before his first match in the Euros, that he was not thinking about his future.

"I have been playing at the highest level for 18 years, these (buzz) don't even bother me. Whatever happens, something good will happen. It doesn't matter if I stay at Juventus or not. "

“I am focusing on the national team. Because no one plays in such a big competition every day. This is my fifth European Championship. But it seems like it's my first time. "

Portugal will begin their campaign to retain the Euro title on Tuesday with a match against Hungary. They beat France in the final last time and won the title for the first time. What is the difference between the title winner and the current team, the Portuguese captain?

“This time the team is younger than 2016. Our performance will tell us whether we are better or worse than before. On a personal level, I am no longer the player I was 10 years ago. ”