Oscar De La Hoya tipps off Jermell Charlo on how to beat Canelo in upcoming fight

Oscar De La Hoya weighed in on Canelo’s fighting style claiming that anything that might be close to Dmitri Bivol’s fighting style is a winning ticket against Canelo. Some claim that he was tipping off Jermell Charlo to follow a Bivolian approach to the September 30th fight.

Canelo sparks excitement with fiery pre-fight message against CharloMarca English

Dmitri Bivol was the second defeat for the famous boxer and won by a unanimous decision, outpointing Canelo, who had only lost to Floyd Mayweather, also by decision. Bivol is quick and has an agile in-and-out approach while maintaining reach to do significant damage.

De La Hoya was quick to acknowledge his style, claiming “Any style that you give Canelo that is similar to a Bivol, he’s gonna have trouble with,” De La Hoya told FightHubTV. “Anyone that stays on their toes, anyone that flicks a jab in front of his face, anyone that knows how to keep the distance, like Bivol did, Canelo will have trouble.”

De La Hoya reveals Canelo Alvarez’s Kryptonite amid upcoming fight with Charlo

He tipped off Jermell Charlo with a dose of his reality “That’s the bottom line. Again, he walks on quicksand. That’s what his style is. It worked for him all these years. He has become accustomed to knocking his opponents out, and walking them down, with a lot of power. Anyone that tries to box him, and have that same, similar style as Bivol, he’s gonna have trouble with.”

He can take advantage of it (Alvarez), Charlo, if he knows how to use his distance,” De La Hoya elaborated “The distance you get with his feet, the distance you obviously use with your jab, you keep your distance. But if you know how to combine the footwork with your jab or your right hand or your combinations then it’s a perfect combination to win the fight against Canelo.”

The undisputed title bout between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo will take place on Sept. 30 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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