Pakistan Cricket Board agrees to host Sri Lanka in Asia Cup: Shammi Silva

Pakistan Cricket Board agrees to host Sri Lanka in Asia Cup: Shammi Silva

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has decided whether or not the Asia Cup will be held in COVID-19. It was learned after the last meeting.

No significant decision was shot in the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting on Monday. Fundamentally, the Asia Cup was discussed. However, the fog didn’t subside. No official decision was declared. But, Sri Lanka Cricket President Shammi Silva maintained they had obtained the green signal from the ACC meeting to sponsor the Asia Cup. It might need to get approval from the authorities.

Pakistan is the main host of the Asia Cup to be held in September. It was certain that the Asia Cup would not be held there as the country’s political relations with India were not good. Rumor has it that the UAE may be the organizer. The ongoing corona situation on him is also associated with it.

But in the meantime, Sri Lanka has shown interest in hosting it. The president of the Lankan Cricket Board also said that. He also said that the organizers Pakistan and ACC have also given them the green signal. “We have discussed with the Pakistan Cricket Board,” Shammi told Ceylon Today. They have agreed to be our host in the Corona situation. We also talked to the ACC in an online meeting. They have given us the green signal to host this tournament.

The Sri Lankan Cricket Board president said on the issue of changing the venue of the Asia Cup, “We discussed the matter with the Pakistan Cricket Board. They don’t want to host this event for fear of coronavirus. ‘