Pakistan is a victim of 'Western arrogance': Michael Holding

Pakistan is a victim of 'Western arrogance': Michael Holding

The cancellation of England's tour of Pakistan is now quite old. Many people do not see the cancellation of the important series before the World Cup in Pakistan. Former Caribbean fast bowler Michael Holding sees the whole thing as 'Western arrogance'. The legendary farewell to the recent commentary sees the cancellation of the tour as a kind of arbitrariness on the part of the English.

Peter Smith, a former Caribbean cricket writers' club who spoke openly on cricket issues, made the allegations to the English Cricket Board (ECB) after receiving the award. He thinks the English statement after the cancellation of the tour is a hidden rubbish of the British like the Lives Matter movement.

The English cricket board canceled the tour of Pakistan considering the mental condition of the players without showing safety issues. However, three days after the cancellation of the New Zealand series, Pakistan did not take their announcement very well. However, they have issued a statement promising to go to Pakistan.

Pakistan is also worried about the cancellation of the tour. They have already hinted at a World Cup cricket battle against New Zealand, England and India. He has even made a strong announcement that the teams will have to go to Pakistan from now on if they want to play with Pakistan. Holding thinks that if the name had been India instead of Pakistan, England would never have canceled the tour. ‘Just a four-day tour of Pakistan? I can say for sure, they could never have done the same thing with India. Because India is strong and Dhoni. '

Not only any team, but also the governing body of cricket has been criticized. This commentator with a melodious voice thinks that the ICC has now given up control of the game. Their only goal now is to make money by organizing a few tournaments.

Holding made his Test debut for the Caribbean in 1985. The last match was played in February 1986.