Noor Hassan
Noor Hassan had to be lifted using special military helicopters to get admitted to a hospital in Lahore.IANS

Pakistan’s heaviest man, weighing 330 kg, Noor Hassan was shifted to a Lahore hospital for treatment by a special military helicopter on Wednesday, June 19, according to authorities.

Hassan, who is unable to move freely due to his weight and other health complications, was transferred by a group of civilian and army rescue team, reported Xinhua news agency.

The rescue operation involved breaking the wall of Hassan’s house as his body is too big to pass through the main gate, said reports.

Originally hailing from Sadiqabad district, Hassan had appealed to the military to help him shift to a hospital. Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa made special arrangements for the transfer after the General heard his request.

He will be receiving laparoscopic surgery at a hospital Lahore.

While the Pakistani media claimed Hassan as the country’s heaviest man, the statement has not been officially confirmed.

In 2017, a man weighing 360 kg, called ‘most obese person’ in Pakistan underwent laparoscopic surgery and succeeded to decrease his weight below 200 kg, reported IANS news agency.

The Pakistan Endocrine Society’s last year’s report state, around 51 per cent of the population in the country were identified as obese while 29 per cent of them were categorized as overweight, reported IANS.

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