Pamela Anderson in love with a bodyguard

Pamela Anderson in love with a bodyguard

Pamela Anderson has no pair to fall in love with. How many times have you broken off a relationship in your life? This time Pamela has fallen in love with one of her personal bodyguards.

The 53-year-old former “Baywatch” star and Jasmin spokeswoman has reportedly been romantically linked to her Dan Hayhurst, according to reports. A source close to the couple tells People that they’ve been riding out the pandemic together and began dating shortly after she split from Peters in February when the COVID-19 pandemic began in North America.

The 40-year-old bodyguard provided full-time security for the model-actress for two years. However, the Western media did not publish the name or picture of Pamela's boyfriend.

It is learned that Pamela and her bodyguard were in quarantine together after the lockdown started in March. That's how the two got involved.

She had been married four more times before, all to John Peters. The marriage that took place earlier this year lasted for a total of 12 days. Although Pamela said in a tweet, she was not officially married to John. Their relationship was just a ‘weird lunch’.