Part of the Barcelona authorities wants Messi to leave!

Part of the Barcelona authorities wants Messi to leave!

Rumors of Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona have been circulating since the beginning of the Coronation Age. After a humiliating 7-goal defeat in the Champions League recently, that buzz has taken on a new dimension. Messi is disturbed by many activities of his favorite club. He thinks that the club will not get any success if it continues like this. But Barাa are reluctant to let him go. But even this is not entirely true; Because part of Bar্সa wants to sell Messi!

IF-10 weeks past you'd told that a Barcelona admirer the middle of the disagreement around the team summer are on a potential Lionel Messi death then they'd also have named you mad, yet immediately after the 8-2 drubbing as a result of Bayern Munich, that is in which we all have been also it's real moment and energy to wonder why what goes on if a programmer renders?

This is really a matter no Barcelona admirer or board penis has really been made to inquire before for the juncture.

Quite as opposed to his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, that was always with his un-sellable standing to fear his companies, Messi has ever remained exceptionally faithful and loyal towards the bar at which he ever made.

But that devotion has never been refunded within his own eyes using Los Cules' transports since Xavi Hernandez along with Andres Iniesta still left with almost nothing short of woeful.

Even the prospect of Messi taking part in another top stays distant, but it is crucial to comprehend the Argentine never been nearer to departing the club is right today.

Barcelona wants Messi to leave

In an exclusive interview with Barcelona's new coach Ronald Koeman, Messi said that he was more likely to leave Barcelona than to stay in Barcelona.

However, two well-known journalists working on Spanish football, Moises Juarez and Sam Marsden, said in their report that some Barcelona officials wanted Messi to move to a new club.

A senior Barcelona official told ESPN that if Messi was not happy, Barcelona should let him go if he was offered a large sum.

But most members, such as Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, are in favor of retaining the best player in the club's history at any cost.