PCB defamation case against Shoaib Akhtar

PCB defamation case against Shoaib Akhtar

So when did Shoaib Akhtar keep his mouth closed? When he explained what he believed, he explained it publicly. He appears to be the most popular YouTuber in Pakistan at the present time due to his frankness. One later another bomb burst his YouTube station every 2 days! Nevertheless, in the bomb blast, the Rawalpindi Express’ must be read somewhat erratically.
Two days before, Shoaib contested the punishment of Umar Akmal.

The prior speedster scolded the Pakistan Cricket Board’s legal division, stating, Has his own (Akmal’s) punishment been warranted? I must state that the law section of the PCB is completely useless and incompetent. Notably Tafzal Rizvi (PCB’s legal advisor ), I do not understand where he came out. He’s got great communication, continues to be in PCB for the last 10-15 decades. There’s not any case he loses.

Shoaib’s remark contradicted the PCB. In general, he made offensive comments from the PCB legal division and legal advisors. The language spoken by Shoaib Akhtar is completely unsuitable and unsuitable. No civilized society could accept this.


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