Pique kowtows to Shakira for kids after revelation

Pique kowtows to Shakira for kids after revelation

Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique will most likely give up custody of his children. After his beloved Shakira ended their relationship due to another infidelity, the defender decided to do anything to stay close to Sasha (7) and Milan (9), but according to the latest rumors, he is inclined to accept her offer.

A few days ago, she offered him $2 million to pay off all his debts and start clean, and promised to provide him with five first-class round-trip tickets to the US to see the children.

In Spain, they say that the reason for the change in Pique's intentions is the revelation of another dirty secret.

Journalist Pipi Estrada, who is also a Real Madrid fan, has publicly announced how Pique and the rest of the footballers look for beauties on the Internet, adding that he has seen things in nightclubs with the footballer that do not correspond to the definition of a "good husband".

Estrada announced that Pique and his colleagues first like beauties on the Internet, then another sends a meeting proposal, and if there is interest from the other party, the intermediary arranges everything.

"They never show their faces and never talk first. That's why such flirtations are difficult to prove. Usually the woman is paid to keep quiet," explained Estrada.