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Players want to be 100% sure of their health before going into Training

Players want to be 100% sure of their health before going into Training

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

Mandatory coronavirus testing is needed prior to going into the area. If everybody’s outcome is adverse, Messi and Ramos will have the ability to begin practicing.

Two days before, La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) let Spanish soccer’s leading league teams to the clinic. On the other hand, the players aren’t inclined to go on the area since they aren’t 100% confident about their wellbeing protection before entering practice. There, it had been determined that each and every member of this team, for example, players, must return together with the COVID-19 virus damaging before entering practice. So the clubs are requested to take coronavirus test measures before beginning practice. They’ve been requested to make sure of PCR and serological tests.

Earlier on Tuesday, the captains of the second and first division clubs of Spanish soccer and the nation’s footballers’ marriage (AFE) discussed the problem of returning into the area in a video conference. In the close of the conversation, the gamers claimed they were not able to join the area with no 100% certain.

Meanwhile, even though the practice was permitted, no particular date has been announced yet. The notion is to announce the beginning date of this clinic daily between May 4 and May 11. If that’s the circumstance, the clubs currently have about a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, they’ll have the ability to check for coronavirus.