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Poonam Pandey arrested for breaking lockdown

Poonam Pandey arrested for breaking lockdown

Special steps have been taken in India to avoid COVID-19 disease. However, Poonam Pandey revealed her thumb to the law and took out the car on the street! Hence the Mumbai police detained the actress-model on charges of breaking particular arrangements. He had been detained on Sunday, Indian press reported. Obviously, the authorities stopped his vehicle. Poonam was initially billed, then Poonam Pandey was detained by law enforcement. The car was seized.

Despite repeated requests from the authorities to depart, Poonam didn’t listen. He had been heading out with the auto. He was subsequently detained.

Poonam Pandey’s legal conflict with Raj Kundra and his partners has been reported last February. Additionally, but Poonam’s prevalence of societal websites can be at its summit.

The whole number of corona instances in Maharashtra has risen to 22,171. On Sunday, 1278 individuals were newly infected. Of them, at 779 individuals have died.

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