Popular Boxing Ring Girls On OnlyFans

Most Popular Boxing Girls On OnlyFans

Boxing is always famous for the heat and the beauties have increased the steam to the contests. The job of a ring young lady is a significant one. They take a particular course across the boxing ring, guaranteeing that they are noticeable from each point while holding the bulletin showing the round number to come straight away and reminding the large numbers in participation and the large numbers watching on TV.

The boxing's hottest ring girls have OnlyFans accounts Wnu365 is on hand to tell you more.

Gloria Friedley

MMA ring girl but usually, she is a regular working Golden Boy Promotions fights for Tecate.


Battle Club OC is one of the normally involved field for boxing as well as MMA battles. The field, situated in Fountain Valley, includes the hot Gloria Friedley. With her uncommon body height, Gloria has made a few extraordinary figures in the wake of selling her pics and recordings on the grown-up happy site. The membership cost of her profile is $20 for a month.

Dessie Mitcheson

At the age of 18, she competed for Miss Pennsylvania USA and finished in the Top 10. That experience led her to join other beauty contests and she went on to win several beauty titles including Face of Playboy.

She is also active on her OnlyFans account and is continuously sharing content with her subscribers. Users can see her private content for the monthly fee of $21.

Kayla Fitz

Kayla Fitz is known for being an American model, Instagram star, and a ring girl who has appeared in HBO and SHOWTIME boxing events as a ring girl.

The steamy girl also runs a profile on the latest trending platform OnlyFans from the last February. Fitz keep the subscription fee of her profile at the monthly cost of $23.99 and users can get access to her bikinis after making a purchase.