Postecoglou has ‘crucial’ time each week

Michael Brown

Tottenham are top and I’m getting asked if they are title contenders.

For now, just be top and enjoy the journey. There has been so many questions and criticism of Spurs over the years, so enjoy this.

They have a nice month and then Manchester City in early December. Just stay in it and keep going. They are not battering teams but are getting good results, grinding out situations and they have players with great flair who can score goals.

Not being in Europe is really important, even more so given they have a new manager.

A new manager can work on the training ground. We are already getting interrupted with international breaks so not being involved in Europe is giving Ange Postecoglou more crucial time to work and recover.

Defensively, Spurs may face questions against the top sides. They will be able to do so much on the training ground on aspects like this by not having that extra game.

When you are in Europe you are ‘game, recovery, Champions League, recovery’ and then you’re into a weekend. Recovery wise, it gives them a much better option as they don’t have the squad to make five changes in a Premier League game.

On Monday after beating Fulham, Postecoglou said they didn’t play well in the second half. Was he using this to influence his players? I think he wants them to be better as he realises what is coming around the corner.

He is trying to tell them what level they have got to be at to give themselves a chance. It’s his way of keeping feet on the ground and explaining where they need to get better.

I think it goes back to my point that they haven’t been battering teams. To win a title you need more convincing displays. But it’s good they are finding this grit.

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