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Premier League News: Each stadium can accommodate up to 300 people

Premier League News: Each stadium can accommodate up to 300 people

The stadium and tunnel will be divided into several parts. A total of 300 people can stay in each stadium. There will be no more than 110 people in the ‘red zone’, including players, club staff and match officials.

Premier League Safeguarding Rules

  1. No one needs to wear a mask once they enter the stadium. However, the English Football League authorities are not keeping vigil on the field due to extra caution.
  2. The force will be supplied from outside the stain through the disinfectant method.
  3. Players should not spit on the field or clean their noses.
  4. Don’t break the social distance during the goal celebration – it will be encouraged.
  5. Players, staff, and match officials need to disinfect their hands when entering and leaving the field. And the temperature of each of them will be checked before entering the stadium.

After entering the stadium, the players or the coaching staff will not wear any mask. Even under the fourth referee. In the Bundesliga, only field players and referees are allowed to wear masks, but it is mandatory for everyone in the dugout or out of the game to wear a mask. The Premier League is going to keep the whole stadium so safe that once you enter the stadium, you will no longer need a mask. Not only that, there will be a dressing room, doctor or physio without a mask.

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