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Pride 2019 on the "CBS This Morning" Podcast

Kanyu Kisbe
Kanyu Kisbe

Every June, Pride month recognizes the progress of the LGBTQ community and highlights what still needs to be done to achieve full equality. Over the course of the month, the “CBS This Morning” Podcast spoke with prominent LGBTQ individuals about everything from LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations to compassion and courage in the early days of HIV/AIDS.

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LGBTQ travel destinations 


In a conversation with CBS News’ Anne-Marie Green, Conde Nast Traveler’s Mark Ellwood shares travel destinations for the LGBTQ community. His favorites include popular international destinations like Sydney and Madrid, but he also recommends lesser-known locales like Botswana, South Africa, and Chengdu, China. When it comes to stateside vacation spots, Ellwood suggests Saugatuck, along the shore of Lake Michigan, and the home of this year’s World Pride, New York City.

The Trevor Project helps LGBTQ youth in crisis

The CEO of The Trevor Project, Amit Paley, joins “CBS This Morning” lead national correspondent David Begnaud to share how his organization helps lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer young people under the age of 25. Paley started as a volunteer with the organization several years ago, answering phone calls from young people in crisis or contemplating suicide. He discusses his journey to The Treveor Project’s top role, and shares the messages he gives to youth who turn to the organization for comfort. He also discusses the impact of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots on the modern Pride movement, the importance of using preferred pronouns, and how The Trevor Project is teaming up with Google to use artificial intelligence to better assist the community.

If you are in crisis, call The Trevor Project hotline at 1-866-488-7386, text “START” to 678678 or visit

How a group of nurses used compassion and courage to care for early AIDS patients


Two nurses who helped open the first dedicated HIV/AIDS hospital ward in the United States join CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook to discuss the new documentary “5B.” The film shows the compassionate care model that the nurses, Alison Moed and Cliff Morrison, implemented in Ward 5B: shedding their hazmat suits to treat AIDS patients with dignity and respect as they faced near-certain death. The duo shares why they showed courage in the wake of the still-mysterious, deadly condition, even while others incorrectly feared that HIV was spread through skin-to-skin contact. Plus, Dr. LaPook discusses his own experience treating HIV/AIDS patients in the 1980s, and shares that he suffers from PTSD due to losing all of the AIDS patients he treated during that time.

The songwriting duo behind “The Prom”

The creative duo behind the new Broadway original musical comedy “The Prom” join CBS News contributor Jamie Wax to discuss their 7 Tony Award nominations, including a nomination for Best Musical. Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin share the secret to their successful 26-year working partnership, the impact they’ve seen “The Prom” have on audiences, and what we can expect from the Ryan Murphy-produced Netflix adaptation of the show.

The stars of ‘Vida’ on the show’s LGBTQ and Latinx representation, on and off screen

The two female leads of the Starz series “Vida” join “CBS This Morning” producer Gisela Perez to discuss the hit show’s second season. Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera focus on their complex main characters: two estranged sisters who come together in the wake of their mother’s death, and are forced to confront emerging family secrets together. They also share why they’re proud to work on a show with underlying messages of self-confidence and female autonomy that’s staffed by a majority of women and Latinx writers.

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Kanyu Kisbe

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