PSG supporters clash with police

PSG supporters clash with police

German giants Bayern Munich have lifted the Champions Trophy for the sixth time, beating French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 1-0 in the Champions League final. PSG star Neymar broke down in tears on the green grass of the field after the final on Sunday night.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who reached the Champions League final for the first time, could not win the title at home. After the defeat against Bayern, the club's supporters clashed with police in France. Several cars caught fire. French police have arrested 148 people in the incident.

The confidence of the cheerful supporters in Paris was a little high during the match. They hoped that Neymar-Mbabane would bring the title to France. When that dream of making history was shattered, the supporters became uncontrollable.

Unable to accept the final rate, the PSG supporters got involved in riots at one stage. Law enforcement has to take the field under their control. At that time, the agitated supporters clashed with the French police. Several cars caught fire.

Law enforcement was on high alert throughout the city of Paris ahead of the Lisbon final. More than 3,000 riot police were deployed in the wake of the unrest.

But other PSG supporters, who had already left the stadium in frustration, said, "We are very disappointed. But saying so did not become destructive. So, such incidents cannot be supported.

Bayern's goal win over PSG (video)

In the first half, the two teams tried to play a well-organized football in the second half. The result came in the 59th minute. Bayern Munich took the lead with a goal from Kingsley Koeman. Later in the rest of the match, PSG could not repay that goal for the first time in the final game of the Champions League.