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Rangers vs Celtic postponed as all Scottish football Due To COVID-19

Rangers vs Celtic postponed as all Scottish football Due To COVID-19

Jack To Do
Jack To Do

The conclusion means the Old Business Derby involving Rangers and Celtic which has been scheduled to occur this weekend is currently off.

In a declaration, the joint reaction team said it was determined to suspend”all national professional and grassroots soccer under the authority of the Scottish FA until further notice”.

It added: “The Scottish FA and SPFL will continue to liaise with authorities and Uefa in connection with national, European and global fittings in the coming times and much more info will be communicated at the proper moment.

“The FA Board decided in the interests of their safety and health of players, game officials, staff, fans and the general public” The SPFL unites the Premier League, FA, and EFL in its own reply to the spread of coronavirus following the three governing bodies declared there will not be a game of professional soccer in England till April 3 at the earliest.

Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA Chief Executive:”Considering that the advice outlined by authorities last night we’ve been engaged in extensive dialogue to describe the position and consequences of the advice for Scottish soccer.

“Today’s statement is created in the interests of public health but, equally, the wellbeing and safety of players, match officials, and personnel throughout the game. This can be of paramount importance as the nation expands the’delay’ stage of this coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s why the FA is forced to make certain that the suspension is cascaded throughout the non-professional and grassroots games until further notice.”

Jack To Do

Jack is Andorra CF official website editor. Having written for a number of magazines and websites, there's no aspect of soccer news and great predictor.