Raul Rosas history as the youngest fighter in UFC history


American Raul Rosas is going to impact the world forever as the most youthful warrior in UFC history. The 17-year-old MMA warrior has marked an agreement with Dana White's organization and will make his Octagon debut on September 20 at the Contender Series. There he will confront Mando Gutierrez in the bantamweight division.

In the event that the youngster beats Dana White in this battle, he can sign an agreement with the UFC and become the most youthful contender ever. As of recently, this record is held by Chase Hopper of featherweight. He was 19 years of age when he made his most memorable UFC match.

The Nevada Athletic Commission, which regulates Dana White's Contenders series in Las Vegas, permitted Rosas to contend despite the fact that he is under 18. By regulation, on the off chance that a warrior is under 18, he should get the commission's consent, and it possibly gives it assuming that unique circumstances are met.

Rosas is trained by his dad, Raul Rosas Sr., so there is probably not going to be any authorizing issues. The application for the special case will incorporate a marked assent from his folks. The teen turns 18 in October, so there's a decent opportunity he'll as of now be at the right age when he makes his UFC debut.

Up until this point, Rosas has battled in the Ultimate Warrior Challenge in Mexico, where the circumstances for cooperation are not really severe. Rosas' next rival, Mando Gutierrez, is 25 years of age and has considerably more experience.

Numerous UFC warriors initially go through Contender Seires. Such is the situation with Jimmy Krut, Shannon Ross and Jack Della Maddalena.

Despite the fact that Rosas is just 17, there are more youthful contenders than him ever. ONE MMA Promotion marked Victoria Lee when she was only 16 years of age regardless in secondary school when she made her presentation.