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Real Madrid are waiting for UEFA decision for Return to Training

Real Madrid are waiting for UEFA decision for Return to Training

The problem in Europe is slowly improving. The amount of individuals infected with coronavirus is diminishing than previously. The expectation of playing soccer in the area is growing again. But not certain anything. But, Real Madrid wishes to play with the remainder of the year at home in the Alfred de Stefano training floor in Valdebabas. In addition they requested consent for UEFA. Much social press, such as Marcus, has printed such news.

Meanwhile, the La Liga police have let the league games to be held in the Alfred de Stefano training floor. But, Real are awaiting the choice of UEFA for the games of their Champions League. The spectator’s ability of the ground is 6 million. Besides the custom of Actual, B group matches are held .

Actually decided to play within the Alfredo de Stefano training floor, thinking about the present situation. But a state of emergency was announced in Spain. Hence that the job of the Bernabeu is going to start again. Real Madrid police say that the reforms could go farther if they maintain games in Bernabeu.

There’s yet another thing to consider, Actual players perform in front of tens of thousands of spectators at the Bernabeu. They may endure some psychological stress once the viewer performs on earth zero. Due to the circumstance, if soccer is created in the area again, it ought to be in the area. Spanish media have reported that both officials and players have agreed to play on the training floor. They’ll play at the next round of the Champions League game at Manchester City. They dropped to the English group 1-2 in the home area.

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