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Real Madrid is going to practice on May 11

Real Madrid is going to practice on May 11

Jack To Do
Jack To Do

Real Madrid is finally returning to the field. Sergio Ramos, personal practice session on May 11 will bring him back to life at the team’s training ground in Valdebas. The players will face the COVID-19 test next week before returning to practice. Everyone has to pass the COVID-19 exam before going into a team practice.

Spanish soccer was closed for at least a month and a half as a result of outbreak coronavirus. Sergio Ramos-Casimiro will put on the training floor on May 11. But, arch-rivals Barcelona hasn’t yet declared a return date for training.

For the time being, Los Blancos will go back to private training. The footballers will proceed on the area after the essential hygiene principles for their recurrence. The principles of social space will also be obeyed. The amount of coaches and players pose is also being diminished. The overall areas that they had to use in ordinary times are closed forever.

Players are taught to utilize the fitness center, choose foods, or change clothes in the home. The players will confront a Corona evaluation before returning to the clinic. Everyone needs to pass the Corona evaluation prior to entering a group clinic.

He’s functioning in accordance with all the guidelines provided by the Spanish authorities concerning the security of the gamers.

Jack To Do

Jack is Andorra CF official website editor. Having written for a number of magazines and websites, there's no aspect of soccer news and great predictor.