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Real Madrid player tests positive for coronavirus: all players house arrest

Real Madrid player tests positive for coronavirus: all players house arrest

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

The Madrid area is at maximum danger. The amount of sufferers has surpassed one million. 4 people have died. The whole amount of deaths in Spain is just 1 to date. Meanwhile, a different report of fear came.

The game against Real Madrid now at home. The game was likely to be about a stunning ground in Corona. It was also assumed to enter pre-match practice. In this kind of circumstance, a true Madrid basketball player was arrested. Football and basketball teams utilize the amenities of the club’s practice area. Consequently, the team has chosen to keep both gamers in quarantine following the episode.

Against this moment, the matter of the future of Real’s game is contested tomorrow. All this has been placed to the quarantine of its players, while in Europe that the coronavirus is out of control and also if it’ll be fine to keep on playing soccer is a matter of discussion. In cases like this, the future of this upcoming games of La Liga and Champions League is going to be understood now. But, it’s certain that the destiny of this game is real – that time around.

A guardian of Juventus has been assaulted by Corona. The 2 clubs in Italy aren’t playing at the Europa League today. Roma carriers aren’t permitted to fly to Spain, therefore they won’t play against Sevilla. Getafe, meanwhile, refused to visit Italy to play Inter Milan.