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Real star Toni Kroos against the club’s decision

Real star Toni Kroos against the club's decision

World sports stagnation because of coronavirus. It’s uncertain once the game begins. Football clubs have opted to reduce footballers’ wages during these tough times. Barcelona cut the wages of gamers by 70 percent. Juventus players won’t take four weeks’ wages. Atletico Madrid, Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund also have made a decision to reduce wages.

That manner Real Madrid also wishes to decrease the wages of its players. But neither group’s footballer Toni Kroos is in favor of a pay cut.

Real has selected two strategies to decrease wages. One is that following the emergency manuals play is going to probably be cut by 12 percent, and whether the match isn’t played, the wages will be cut from 20 percent.

In this respect, Tony states,” Getting paid is a great deal of waste. I am in favor of full cover. Everyone has been asked to help where they’re required and there are numerous locations that require help. Many clubs are dropping their intended income. It is dependent upon how long everything ceases. For Instance, If soccer resumes May, a remedy must be discovered’

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