Red Bull give their rivals a chance to end the winning run

With 59 percent of the 2023 Formula 1 season‘s races completed, Red Bull continue to maintain their undefeated streak.

They haven’t lost since the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, when George Russell stood atop the podium. Thus, 14 races later, the team appear invincible as they extend the record for consecutive wins each weekend.

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Their level is clearly superior to the rest, so the team have scaled back their development plans for this season to start focusing on the 2024 car.

Adrian Newey’s concerns

Adrian Newey, the technical chief of Red Bull, believes this might make them more “vulnerable”, leaving an open door for the rest of the teams on the grid to have more opportunities to compete against them in the final races of this season.

Everything will depend on the decisions of the others. At this point in the year, most of the teams also have one eye on the next season, hoping that an early advantage will bring them better luck.

“I imagine most teams are probably already into next year,” Newey pointed out.

“So, how much development will the rest have from now until the end of the year? I don’t know, but obviously now we tend to focus on next year.”

Max Verstappen durante el GP de Pa

Max Verstappen durante el GP de Pases BajosEFE

Aston Martin are one of the teams to have confirmed they will develop the AMR23 throughout the year, along with Mercedes, who also acknowledged that they will introduce improvements in the upcoming races.

Meanwhile, others, like Williams, have accepted their low position in the standings and believe it’s more beneficial to focus on 2024.

Verstappen will remain competitive

While they might be able to improve their car, the other teams will still face a driver who won’t make things easy for them.

Max Verstappen has been demonstrating his great skill behind the wheel for a while now, so even though his car won’t have any improvements from here to the end of the season, it’s most likely he will continue to dominate.

“He’s completely in tune and, as with all the true greats, he gives the impression of almost driving the car automatically, which leaves him a lot of processing capacity to think about everything,” Newey added.

“He’s clearly one of the all-time greats and is at the top of his game.

“I think winning the championship in 2021 took a lot of pressure off him, and his driving has improved a lot thanks to that.”

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