Relive the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission in Real Time As It Happened!

Fifty years ago, humans from Earth first walked on the moon and you can relive NASA’s historic Apollo 11 mission as it happened with two amazing livestreams this month courtesy of’s Ben Feist and partner Simulation Curriculum, creator of the night sky software Starry Night and SkySafari 6.

With, Feist and archivist Stephen Slater has created an immersive experience that stitches together vast amounts of Apollo 11 mission audio, images, video and transcripts to give viewers a full accounting of the historic mission that sent astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon. While is simulcasting’s live stream above, for the best experience you’ll want to visit the website itself, which features a number of multimedia experiences and options not possible in the YouTube Feed.

Simulation Curriculum has also created a real-time widget for NASA’s Apollo 11 mission that allows users to relive the mission as it happened, with detailed digital renderings of the Saturn V rocket during launch and Apollo command module and lunar lander during the flight. It’s Apollo 11 in Real Time widget allows viewers not only to track the Apollo mission, but also see the locations of planets and stars during the historic Apollo missions.

“The historic Apollo missions are an indelible part of the American experience and psyche,” said Seth Meyers, Simulation Curriculum. “Generations remember Neil Armstrong’s ‘one small step for man,’ and with the Apollo Mission data in Starry Night and SkySafari, millions of space enthusiasts will be able to vicariously experience these important space missions with precise, true-to-life simulations.”

Simulation Curriculum has also teamed up with Celestron and for an Apollo 11 giveaway during the historic mission’s anniversary. Find out how to enter to win here and check out our full guide to Apollo 11

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