Roger Federer wants men's and women's tennis to come under one roof

Roger Federer wants men's and women's tennis to come under one roof

Roger Federer was considering it for quite a very long moment. However, the deal he made for his 12.6 million Twitter followers Wednesday, April 22, was a bit unexpected. But in this period of international health catastrophe over the Corona outbreak, the proposition is anticipated to get overwhelming support. The Swiss tennis star, that has won the best 20 Grand Slams, states there’s not any requirement for two different regulatory bodies for men’s and women’s tennis. Now’s time for ATP and WTA to unite into a strong single thing.

For nearly four decades, both men’s and women’s professional tennis happen to be conducted by two different worldwide associations. The Tennis Players’ Organization (ATP), formed in 1972, takes good care of men’s tennis since the prevalence of tennis continues to climb following the open age.

The advantages and disadvantages of consolidating the two organizations are discussed for quite a while. But, it has been seriously discussed following the coronavirus that came across the world using a terrible appearance lately. Australian tennis superstar Nick Kirios instantly said to Federer, Yes. Rafael Nadal, a beloved friend, and arch-rival who’s won 19 Grand Slams, additionally tweeted support, It’d be fantastic if a combined company of men’s and women’s tennis might emerge from the worldwide catastrophe.” Billy Jean King, a tennis superstar in the USA, stated:’It had been my dream to become one. We’re standing at precisely the exact same location. Let us make it a fact.

Federer made it obvious,”I am not only discussing the court contest coming together, but I am also discussing both governing bodies coming together to take control of men’s and women’s tennis.” Two-position Procedures, different logos, distinct sites, distinct Types of tournaments are perplexing to tennis audiences.’

According to the BBC, all of the tennis players, such as current Wimbledon winner Simona Halep, two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova, two-time Grand Slam winner Garbine Muguruza and Argentine celebrity Diego Schwartzman, are encouraging Feder. That means that they also need ATP and WTA to eventually become one.


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