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Romelu Lukaku apologises for Inter Milan COVID-19 Claim

Romelu Lukaku apologises for Inter Milan COVID-19 Claim

The team San Siro was amazed by the obvious remarks of this Belgian striker. Afterward, they also reprimanded Lukaku because of this. But, what has stated to the 26-year-old celebrity remains unclear.

Before in an Instagram dialog, Lukaku stated, We had a week away in December. We returned to perform and declared that 23 of our 25-member team proved ill. I am not kidding.’

We performed Raja Naingolan’s Cagliari and among those defenders (Milan Screener) needed to leave the area 25 minutes following the game, he added. He couldn’t play and nearly fainted. Everybody was coughing and sick. When I was heating up, I felt considerably hotter than Normal.’

‘We had supper together with Puma guests at the conclusion of the match. However, I thanked them and went directly to bed. At the moment we didn’t examine the COVID-19. So I could never be certain if Corona was assaulted’, inserted the Belgian striker.

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