Ronaldinho was released after 171 days

Ronaldinho was released after 171 days

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has finally been released after a long six-month captivity. He and his brother Roberto were allowed to return home from Paraguay on condition. Both have now been released, although they must pay $200,000 (£153,000) in damages between them. The fines will be used to pay for the treatment of Corona victims in Paraguay.

Ronaldinho was invited by a Paraguayan organization on March 4 to promote his autobiography. Ronaldo's traveling companion was his brother. Paraguayan police arrested them on charges of traveling with fake passports.

The court sent Ronaldinho and his brother to "house arrest" after appealing several times after a month in jail. In their verdict on Monday, the judge said there were no more barriers for Ronaldinho to travel to any country. However, we have to inform him if his permanent address changes.

The court said Ronaldinho did not forge his own passport. There is no shadow of a criminal in him. Ronaldinho's foreign tour will not be hampered after his release. However, if the permanent address is changed, the court must be informed. However, the court commented that his brother knew about the fake passport. That's why he has to appear in court in Rio de Janeiro regularly.


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