Ronaldo apologized for that hairstyle for 2002 FIFA World Cup

Ronaldo apologized for that hairstyle for 2002 FIFA World Cup

The 2002 World Cup was held in Japan-Korea, Asia. Everyone still remembers the hair style of Ronaldo, the star player of that World Cup champion team Brazil.

One of the highlights of that World Cup was Ronaldo's stylish hair. The whole world gave birth to the discussion of the semi-circular hair just in front of the whole head. However, after 19 years, the Brazilian legend has apologized to 'all mothers' for that hairstyle.

Ronaldo also opened his mouth with this hairstyle in 2018. The three-time FIFA World Player of the Year said at an event in Melbourne that he had changed his haircut in an attempt to divert media attention from his leg injury. The plan was successful, with Ronaldo scoring eight goals in the competition, including a pair of goals in the World Cup final, and was named one of the best players of all time.

In an interview with Spanish media, Ronaldo said,

Ronaldo has reflected upon the haircut as “horrible” before explaining: “I apologise to all mothers who saw their kids make the same haircut.”

He also explained the story behind the haircut as he went onto add, “I saw my teammates and asked, ‘Do you like it?’ They said, ‘No, it’s horrible! Cut this off!’ But the journalists saw my haircut and forgot about the injury.”