Ronaldo could make his debut at the historic Old Trafford with a match against Newcastle

Ronaldo could make his debut at the historic Old Trafford with a match against Newcastle

After the arrival of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo at English club Manchester United, the fans of the club are eagerly waiting to watch his game. The five-time Ballon d'Or star has asked for more time to prepare for his debut against Newcastle United on Saturday (September 11).

According to English media The Sun, Ronaldo needs more preparation to play against Newcastle in the English Premier League. So he will be on the bench in the match that started at Old Trafford. However, on that day, French forward Rafael Varane, who joined the team from Real Madrid for 41 million Euros, will make his debut for Manchester United.

How many Ronaldo fans are interested in United? Ronaldo has worn the number 7 jersey almost all his career. CR Seven became known in the world after wearing the iconic number 7 jersey of Man United. After that, he wore the number 9 jersey at the beginning of Real, but later he got the number 7 jersey. Juventus also got the jersey of choice.

But this time Ronaldo is not getting the jersey number of his choice at Manchester United. Because it is already in the possession of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. However, just as Neymar showed respect to Messi, Cavani did the same in the case of Ronaldo. The star wanted to give up his jersey at the news of Cristiano's arrival at Old Trafford. But the rules. It is not possible if you want.

The new season of the Premier League has started. It was different when Ronaldo joined before the start of the season. But once the season starts, there are no rules to change the jersey number in the EPL. Ronaldo will get the jersey only if Cavani leaves the club.

Of course there is another way. Ronaldo may get Cavani's number 7 jersey with special permission from the Premier League authorities. But at the moment that possibility is slim.