Ronaldo-DyBala can return to the field next month

Ronaldo-DyBala can return to the field next month

The threat, however, isn’t yet over. Because of this, Cristiano Ronaldo could be understood at the backfield of Dybala in a month.

At a recent interview with Football Italia, Rezza stated,”In the present scenario, I don’t find any chance to initiate a CRR. But it could be inside a month. Of course from the rigorous system of closed doors. There’s a risk involved with virtually anything. But, we have to abide by our instructions as best we could. FIGC must take steps to Decrease the risk to staff and players.’

The Italian government has decided to draw the nation’s latest lockdown standing on May 3 because the situation has improved marginally. The Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) can expect that.

The FIGC has stated clubs should be prepared to begin the year in a timely fashion when the government lifts the lockdown. But prior to beginning again, Siri and players and staff should check the coronavirus, and they along with their healthcare staff should stick to the guidelines of every team.

In a statement, the FIGC president When the actions of this nation restart, the most appropriate course of action should be obtained at this time to resume football ” Not in a hurry but I am working leisurely to ensure if the company provides a green sign, everything is prepared. However, the results of the coronavirus evaluation Have to Be negative for each member of their club’