Rugby World Cup star banned for kung fu kick as referee makes ‘worst decision’

World Rugby confirmed the suspension, as their statement read: “Having considered all the available evidence, including the application of World Rugby’s Head Contact Process, the submissions by the player and his representative, and all available camera angles and technology, the independent Committee determined that:

“A reckless act of foul play had occurred; the player’s actions involved poor decision-making and a lack of care for the opponent player, which placed the opponent player in a dangerous position; head contact had occurred, and the degree of danger was high; there were no mitigating factors present to bring the sanction down from a red card.

“On that basis and in considering the sanction, the independent Committee applied World Rugby’s mandatory minimum mid-range entry point for foul play, resulting in head contact (six matches). Taking all considerations into account, including the player’s remorse and excellent disciplinary record, the independent Committee determined a maximum mitigation of 50 per cent.”

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