Ryan Garca attacks Shakur Stevenson and claims that he was afraid of Edwin de los Santos

Ryan Garcia lashed out at Shakur Stevenson after his boring fight against Edwin de los Santos for the WBC lightweight title and in addition to calling him arrogant, he said he was afraid of the Dominican fighter on November 16 in Las Vegas.

Shakur defeated de los Santos by unanimous decision to win the vacant WBC 135-lbs title, but in a highly criticized fight where both fighters were booed for the poor show they put on, Garcia held nothing back when talking about the now champion.

Shakur Stenvenson booed despite winning WBC lightweight world titleRoberto Ortega

“Shakur, he’s been getting on my nerves since he was an amateur. He’s very arrogant and I don’t say that about anybody,” Garcia told BoxingScene.com. “He just walks around like his s**t don’t stink. And he talks s**t about everybody and thinks he’s some kind of guy who knows everything about boxing.

“Well, if you knew everything about boxing, then why the hell didn’t you get to [De Los Santos]? He was scared of him and didn’t throw any punches at him.”

Garcia: “That was the best night’s sleep I ever had.”

On the day of the fight Ryan reacted on his social media and wrote that going to a fight like that on Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend would have had him asking for his money back, plus he couldn’t keep his eyes open and would go to sleep.

“You’re so boring and everyone knows it!” Garcia added. “That was boring. That was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.”

Stevenson connected a total of 65 punches, while De Los Santos responded with 40 after 36 minutes of fighting in Las Vegas, a fight in which in which in now world champion acknowledged that it had been bad, but that weeks before he had shoulder ailments.

As he acknowledged the poor performance, he apologized to his crew and boxing idols such as Floyd Mayweather.

“I appreciate Floyd Mayweather, I apologise to him,” Stevenson said after the victory. “I apologise to Andre Ward, and I apologise to Terence Crawford.

“They’re all my idols and they came out to see a great performance, but I put on a bad one. Don’t congratulate me on a bad performance.”

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